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Client Testimonial

We feel our service is exceptional.   We are very happy with EM Transcriptions and only wish I had found you years sooner.   – Dawn Carpenter, Administrator, Grand Rapids Women’s Health

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E.M. Transcriptions' mission is to provide the highest quality, efficient, and cost-effective service to our clients with no additional start up and maintenance fees or hidden costs, just a straight line count.  Call or email us today for a quote.

E.M Transcriptions, Inc. is the no-nonsense Transcription Service for Medical Offices run by Medical Professionals - for providers tired of jumping through IT hoops. No keyboarding or data entry. No preset interactant EMR modules overriding a medical provider’s directive and especially no “Scribes” coming between a provider and their patient. You dictate, we transcribe, and the transcripts interface with the EMR.  It should be that easy.  If it’s not, you need E.M. Transcriptions, Inc.

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