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No start-up, maintenance or software fees.

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EMR/EHR compatibility and integration. Digital recordings sent via encrypted file transfer and/or 24-7 toll-free phone dictation.

Trained Medical Transcriptionists

All transcriptionist are based in the USA

Transcribed documents are checked for accuracy and quality before being returned to physician for final approval.

Accurate and Timely Transcripts.

We provide the highest quality medical transcripts, focusing not only on medical terminology but grammar, structure and context.






E. M. Transcriptions, Inc. offers both digital recorder and toll-free telephone dictation. Digital recording devices are supported with our free secure digital file transfer software. Olympus digital recorders are recommended but other digital recorders are also supported.







When it comes to clinical documentation, EMR/EHRs  are often inadequate in summarizing the individual aspects of each patient. No two patients fit the same standard template. Professional medical transcriptionists are trained to spot inaccuracies in medical records, and that is why many physicians prefer to dictate parts or all of their patients' visits which assures the most complete and accurate records. Finished transcripts are ready for viewing, editing and printing through ReportViewer which allows immediate access to completed transcripts. In addition to ReportViewer is the option for electronic delivery and interfacing with many EMR/EHR systems. 







- Digital voice recorder files via secure, encrypted internet file transfer

- 24/7 toll-free telephone dictation

- Transcripts delivered via HIPAA compliant internet file transfer

- 24-hour turnaround and STAT services available

- Courier service available in a limited area.

- Experienced in transcribing interviews, focus groups, insurance,   business and finance meetings.







- EMR/EHR compatibility and integration

- Electronic signature capability

- Auto fax and auto email options

- No start up, maintenance or software fees.

- Immediate access to completed transcripts with real time status   information for prioritizing jobs, viewing, editing, printing, faxing or   emailing.




Fremont, Michigan. (616) 884-6180 - (888) 377-8455 fax


[email protected]


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