Using E.M. Transcriptions, Inc. for your charting can benefit your office in the following ways:


EMRs are important, but when it comes to clinical documentation they are often inadequate in summarizing the individual aspects of each patient.  No two patients fit the same standard template.  Professional medical transcriptionists are trained to spot inaccuracies in medical records, and that is why many physicians prefer to dictate parts or all of their patients’ visits which assures the most complete and accurate records.  E.M. Transcriptions can import your transcribed notes directly into your patients’ records within your EMR.


AMA studies show that charting via an EMR can add an hour or more to a physician’s workday, and utilizing the most highly trained and highly paid professionals in your office as typists is neither time saving nor cost productive.  With E.M. Transcriptions, physicians dictate notes and completed transcripts are imported automatically into your EHR.


A major criticism of both physicians and patients is that EMRs change the patient-doctor relationship.  EMRs require physicians to spend the office visit typing in patient data rather than focusing their attention where it should be, on the patient.  It doesn’t have to be that way. With E.M. Transcriptions, physicians dictate notes instead of typing them, and transcribed notes are automatically imported into the EMR.  Thus, the quality of medical care is not compromised.