Our transcription system was designed with HIPAA in mind. The intent of HIPAA is to assure that each patient encounter is documented and that each encounter be individually identifiable. Our system offers encrypted storage, secure logins, access control, electronic signatures, powerful search and management tools, and real time status information. Our client end applications are designed to work safely behind your firewall. We are your HIPAA compliance partner.

HIPAA rules demand that each encounter be individually identifiable and access controlled. With our system each dictated report is separated and individually identified by job number, dictator, dictation system ID, patient name, MRN, transcriptionist, editor, date and time.

Each dictation contains a tracking system. Throughout the dictation/transcription/distribution process, the tracking system is updated and synchronized with the central database.

Job access, transfer, display and archival are all controlled through NT Security, Advanced SQL server security, and128 bit encryption. We are 100% HIPAA compliant.